First release “Do The Grapevine” by DJ Farah Farz is OUT!

Singapore, 3rd July 2020 - If you’re an avid partygoer whose bulk of weekends consist of

club-hopping in search of the funkiest beats in town, it’s expected that you’d be

well-acquainted with homegrown DJ, Farah Farz. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that you’ve

spent nights jiving along to her electrifying sets at Get Juiced and Bar Rouge Singapore

where she’s a resident DJ.

Inspired by a dance move of the same name, she has bass house fans in for a treat with her

first ever upcoming single, Do The Grapevine released on 1st July 2020. Her creation

pays homage to her humble beginnings as Farah Farz’s DJ career was kickstarted by

spinning music of the same genre.

The track is described as dark, yet groovy with energetic elements, which is synonymous

with its producer’s brand; a wacky bubblegum mix of all things bold and colourful

contrasted against avant-garde motifs and fluid textures.

After spending the past five years mixing and blending the tunes of other artists, Farah

Farz has decided to try her hand at making her very own unique sound. In 2019, she


embarked on this new adventure of music production which reaped today’s art. The result

is a song opening with resonant, bouncy beats which flow gradually into a harmonic

rhythm in the centre, while maintaining a consistently upbeat, hard-hitting tempo all the

way through. Here is where it begins building up to its climax before merging seamlessly

back out.

Farah Farz has a heartfelt message to whoever listens Do The Grapevine – “It is a cheery

reminder to let loose and groove a little, even if times are seemingly hard”, said Farah. “We

can’t choose the tough times we face, but we can always choose to have fun.”

Conceived while Farah Farz was holidaying in Bali, this song really lives up to the values it

promotes, right down to its origins!

The accompanying music video has been choreographed to accurately translate the

track’s eclectic audio energy into a visually invigorating affair. Move Your Feet Like This

appears in thick fonts repetitively against animated effigies of neon mannequin parts.

Overall, its quirky sights are a joy to behold.

Regarding her debut as a music producer, she wishes to see many more female artists

join the profession, just as how recent years have witnessed an influx of female DJs in a

once male-dominated industry. Hopefully, there will be more diversity in the near future.

Do The Grapevine will be out on most leading digital music stores and streaming services

such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Youtube on 1


st July 2020.

Where to watch Do the Grapevine official music video?



Spottify: http://smarturl.it/DTGspotify

Deezer: http://smarturl.it/DTGdeezer

Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/DTGapplemusic

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