#57 in World
#2 in Taiwan
#6 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name VEENA

Country Taiwan

VEENA Biography

Born & Raised in Taiwan, She started her Professional DJ career at 18 - diving into multiple genres such as hardstyle, techno, future rave, vinahouse and many more. DJ Veena has amassed a reach over 170K+ followers and fans worldwide She was awarded ASIAN DJANE 2023 #8 + DJANE WORLDWIDE 2023 #78 spot just last year and has performed at major clubs such as Spaceplus Bangkok, V+ NY, OMNI TAIPEI, ALTA TAICHUNG, ULTRA Taiwan and many more! 

Previous Shows:
2017 Wave Night Club Guest DJ
2017 SIR.TEEN Beijing China北京諾亞方舟集團指定合作
2018 SOS Shanghai China
2018 W hotel 跨年活動 Guest DJ
2019 Singapore Typhoon8
2019 Singapore ICON Club
2020 Singapore ION Club
2021 Ikon Taipei Guest DJ
2021 Lamp Kaohsiung Guest DJ
2021 Sky To Sky Taipei Guest DJ
2021 Marquee Taipei Guest DJ
2022 Wave night Club Guest DJ
2022 Super House Taichung Guest DJ
2022 MEET Zhongli Guest DJ
2022 ZODIAC Canada
2022 S 2 0 Taiwan
2023 Drunk paly Taipei Guest DJ
2023 Department & Co Hong kong
2023 Sound dept Hong kong
2023 POLR Shenzhen China
2023 SPACE PLUS Bangkok
2023 ULTRA Taiwan
2023 OMNI Taipei Guest DJ
2023 A LTA Taichung Guest DJ
2023 ZODIAC NIGHT CLUB Vancouver - New Year Headliner

And many more to come for 2024, stay tuned!