New release “Red Room” by DJ Dea Magna & Eric Sharp is OUT!


New release “Red Room” by DJ Dea Magna @deamagna & Eric Sharp is OUT!
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Ushering in the new-age of melodic house and techno, Dea Magna and Eric Sharp have teamed up for their thrilling new single, “Red Room”. The song starts off with a driving beat that’s layered with alluring cymbals and thumping kick drums. After the track builds up anticipation, it leads into a breakdown centered around transcendent singing from renowned artist Pierre Stemmett. His lyrics create a sense of balance with the breathtaking echoes and celestial effects that accompany them. When the drop in “Red Room” hits, synths and a powerful bassline transport listeners to an alternate auditory dimension. In its entirety, the combination of uplifting vocals, warm atmospheric chords, rolling grooves, and other production elements enable “Red Room” to radiate a trance-inducing aura.


Primed for any club and sunset to sunrise shows, “Red Room” is clearly inspired by modern rave culture. All melodic components of the track were delicately crafted by Dea and Eric with analog synthesizers. Fusing together the musical influence of CamelPhat, Elderbrook, Deadmau5, and MEDUZA, these two collaborative artists are opening doors for the future of their respective genres.

While showcasing Dea and Eric’s innovation in sound design and artistic vision, “Red Room” is the perfect anthem for the upcoming spring season as well as gearing up for worldwide festivals. With collaborations on the way featuring a variety of top-tier acts, Dea continues to prove that she is an exciting name to look out for in the electronic music space.



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