DJ Charlie shared her debut release “Picky Picnic” !Check and listen on our website.


DJ Charlie shared her debut release “Picky Picnic” on her SoundCloud channel.

"This little track is my debut release I am sharing to the world. I have made it entirely on one of my favorite and also first synths: The Juno 60. All the sequences are triggered from Ableton using the Juno"s arpeggiator and the range of three octaves. It's simple way of creation is immediately hearable. Usually I like to complicate things in the studio and use as much gear as possible, so no synth feels left out. This leads to a big detune and headache, then I go back to Picky Picnic reminding myself "Less might be more" :D

Eltron's Dom Trojga imprint shares a sentiment about this year that will ring true with many: "despite it all, it was music that kept us going, that held us together while we were apart, that lit our hope, that coloured our days.""


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