Today we are happy to present you an exclusive interview with a young and talented DJ and composer from Japan, #13 of TOP 100 DjaneTop ASIA 2021




DJANETOP: Hello, DJ Tiara! We are very pleased by the fact that you have accepted our invitation to give an interview for our platform and we would like to congratulate you once again to place #13 in our TOP 100 best Djanes of DjaneTop 2021 in Asia list. We hope and wish you to get an even higher position this year.

Let's start!



DJANETOP: First let us talk about the beginning of your career. You were a model and dancer before, when and how your DJ career really began?

TIARA: I started Djing in 2015. At first, I was just a party girl, literally out and about almost every day of the week. When I saw all the DJ stars coming to Tokyo and I actually met them due to my job as a dancer and host, I wanted to become a DJ. I said, so I did. Ever since I have performed in 17 countries, in all major venues and Festivals in my native Japan, and in many top 100 clubs across Asia. 


DJANETOP: Who was your tutor for DJing? 

TIARA: l went to a DJ school for a little bit. I actually paid them for the whole course but never finished it.  So I would say, almost 90% was learning-by-doing. The school only taught me only the basic skills to be a DJ such as USB record box  & Serato.

DJANETOP: Please try to remember your first gig. When and where did it take place? Were you nervous a lot before playing your first DJ set ever?

TIARA: I vividly remember that day.  I made my DJ debut at Maharaja in Roppongi, Tokyo. One of the oldest running venues in Tokyo. Of course, I was nervous at first.  Many of my friends came, so I was conscious of what I enjoyed most rather than being nervous in the end I think I did pretty well. 


DJANETOP: Tell us about the best/worst performance ever. Where it took place and why actually it was the best/worst??

TIARA:  All performances are special to me, but The best one, my gigs at TC 18 In Taiwan and in Cebu, Philippines I would say are my most memorable big crowd performances. 

I didn't have any really worst event per se, just sometimes things don't go as you wish, for example, your pickup forgets to drop you at the airport, or rowdy guests are coming up the stage and try to hug and kiss you haha. But that's ok. Stage life! 

DJANETOP: One of Your latest tracks is «Unstoppable» together with 39 Kingdom, which was released on Warner Music China. What is this track about?  

TIARA: This track is about the music, of course, the title however refers to our careers, meaning to never give, up, to always do your best and everything will be great and nothing can stop you. 



DJANETOP: You have a lot of releases on Warner/Revealed/MixMash/Hexagon labels. Tell us about your next release? When it will be and on which label?

TIARA: I just released a new song yesterday, with my good friend Benjamin from Australia. It is called "Tunnel Vision" and has wonderful vocals by Benjamin. GO check it out, guys. 

DJANETOP: Tell us about Formula 1 in Canada. You opened for a festival there. How it was and what did you remember the most?

TIARA: The first time I went to Canada in my life was to DJ a gig at theF1 festival.  I was very nervous, because really famous people were at the backstage area, like F1 drivers, actors, corporation owners and of course a handful Top 100 DJs as well. I really loved the experience and would go back anytime. I miss Canada and the kind people there. 


DJANETOP: You are the owner of club NITO in Tokyo/Akasaka. Tell us please what was the idea of this club? Why did you decide to open a club in Tokyo? Do you always play there or invite other DJs?

TIARA: Same as many in this industry, I had no place to DJ during the heights of the pandemic, so I decided together with a business partner to open a mid-sized venue for the party people to drink and enjoy. Of course, I'm the resident DJ there, but my job is mainly the hosting of guests and other high-profile DJs from all over Japan are to guest every week in rotation. 




DJANETOP: Share with us your experience with other  DJs. Maybe you have a lot of friends among famous DJs? 

TIARA:  I'm lucky that I had the opportunity to meet so many Djs in recent years. I traveled with Tiesto and his crew in Macau and HK for a few days, I met Armin in Singapore where we played at the same festival, too  I was able to meet Oliver Heldens several times as my team is doing many high profile events and bookings in the region. 

DJANETOP: Tell us about your favorite DJs worldwide, someone of your friends, or someone who inspires you?

TIARA: Tiesto was the most inspirational.  When I met Tiesto and his crew in Macau, he treated me very kindly.  He was a superstar but he was a really kind and down-to-earth person.  I want to be like that too.     

DJANETOP: Can you name us the TOP 5 of your favorite places in the world where you have been and where you want to go?


IBIZA beach.

Vietnam Da Nang.

Singapore Clarke Quay

Bali Ubud


l wanna go to Santorini in Greece.That's my unfulfilled bucket list 


DJANETOP: Share please 5 facts about yourself that no one knows.

TIARA: I have been denied entry to the United States because I went abroad too much. Yes, that was their reason, I am traveling too much as an unmarried woman. 

I love to eat & sleep.

The food I don't like is coriander.

Always drinking coffee all day, champagne all night.



DJANETOP: What plans do you have for the nearest future?

TIARA:  l wanna marrie. lol 

and, I want to work not only as a dj but also as a politician in Japan to help children and women.

DJANETOP:  Give your top clues for DJs that are at the starting point of their careers.

What do you think is an important thing for a DJ that provides success?

TIARA: Effort is essential, but it's also important to be lucky! and We value the relationship between people. 



Thanks again for the interview for DjaneTop.com. We wish you a lot of parties and can't wait for new releases from you!