Premiere: “Blood Moon” by DJ Vampa is OUT NOW!

Premiere: “Blood Moon” by DJ Vampa is OUT NOW! 

'This song is for anyone who’s felt misunderstood in their visions, intentions, and dreams. Witches throughout history have been labelled evil souls performing the devil’s work. Yet at the fundamental basis of Wiccan belief lies “an it harm none, do what you will,” focusing spells to reach their highest potential, fulfill their destiny, heal themselves and others. This story is about a young witch who is oppressed by those who simply do not understand her. Instead of letting this heartbreak change her, she refocuses her attention towards more deeply understanding herself, developing her vision, and being the best version of herself she can be. While you can’t change anyone else’s minds about you, staying true to your light will always lead you down the right path. "


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