New Album “Unearthly World” by DJ RayRay is OUT!

New Album “Unearthly World” by DJ RayRay @djrayraytaiwan is OUT!

"the album is finally here. i am so stoked to share it with you. over the past 2 years, there have been so many changes in my life. i was torn apart after the loss of my cousin & my good friend, the breakup, and my depression. music has been my only getaway, so i decided to make an album to express my feelings and everything i have been experiencing in the past. through this album, i want to share with you my true self.

why is it called “unearthly world”? i hope this album can be a mirror to reflect everyone’s imaginary world - there’s no perfect answer to the question. it can an utopia or it can be the world in your mind. the only thing i can assure you - it’s gonna be a very exciting journey with me.

lots of appreciation for everyone who is part of this album. thank you for enduring my ocd & craziness, and thank you for the talents. i wanna shout out to 紀昀 & the Barong Family team who have been helping me so much since the beginning of the project, also a huge thank to Yellow Claw for trusting me, helping me & encouraging me to create the album freely. i couldn’t finish this project without every each of you.
“unearthly world” is out now on barong family. "

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