MATTN exclusive interview for DJANETOP.COM

Today we are happy to present you an exclusive interview with one of the best female DJs, #5 of TOP 100 DjaneTop 2017, one of the participants of Tomorrowland this year and charming wife of Dimitri Vegas - MATTN!

DJANETOP: Hello dear MATTN! We are so pleased that you accepted invitation to give interview to our site. Let’s start! When and how did you start your DJ career?

MATTN: I started my DJ career about 4 years ago. I always have been very passionate about music and during my teenager years, I admired looking at DJ’s playing in clubs and at festivals, so when I finished my school, I just had a feeling I really wanted to take my love for DJing to a serious level and started practicing every day every hour every second for one year straight

( and I’m still learning and practicing every day :)) )

DJANETOP: Who was your tutor of djing?

MATTN: I have a lot of friends that are DJ and they tutored me, for example DJ Makasi, DJ Amro, Nexuz.

DJANETOP: Try to remember your first gig. When and where did it take place? Did you nervous a lot before playing your first DJ set ever?

MATTN: My first DJ set ever was at a local small gathering afterparty for a sports competition in Belgium. I was unbelievably nervous and was almost having a panick attack, but once I started, I felt more and more comfortable and the people really showed their appreciation and the feeling I got while playing, is something I will always remember and be grateful for.

DJANETOP: How did you get acquainted to your future husband Dimitri Vegas? Where did it happen? Please share your romantic story.

MATTN: I met Dimitri in Ibiza, because I was invited by their manager to play a set at their House of Madness parties in Ibiza. Back then, we were both in different relationships, but those relationships finished pretty soon after we met and yeah … we just fell in love!

DJANETOP: Did it cost Dimitri a great deal to hear such a precious “Yes” from you?

MATTN: When Dimi asked me to marry him, I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, so my ‘YES’ was pretty obvious :D!


DJANETOP: The video from your wedding is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. You are very beautiful couple. You wedding took place at Ibiza, why had you chosen this place but not Belgium?

MATTN: Oh thank you! Well, we have chosen Ibiza to be our wedding location, because first of all it is the place where we met and second we spend all of our summers there and we just love the chill and relax vibe. We also think it’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

DJANETOP: Which of TOP Djs and artists were present at your wedding? As we understand those people are at the same time the closest friends of yours inside of musical DJ industry?

MATTN: There was Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, Ummet Ozcan, Lost Frequencies…

DJANETOP: Your couple is very interesting. Both you and Dmitri are TOP DJs with armies of fans all over the world. Tell us if you tour with gigs together more often than one by one?

MATTN: We both have very busy schedules, but we’re very lucky to be able to tour together most of the time. But sometimes, he is on tour for two weeks and I am also touring by myself. But there is a nice balance between the two situations.


DJANETOP: We couldn’t but notice that you are going to participate at Tomorrowland during both weekends this year. How did it feel for the first time to become a part of such a great festival?

MATTN: When people ask me what my favourite festival is, I will always tell them - Tomorrowland. It's really magical and even before I became a DJ I went to the festival just to party and have fun, so to realize I became a part of this amazing festival is so great and I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity. The crowd at Tomorrowland is so energetic, is so full of appreciation, is so full of happiness and good vibes.

DJANETOP: DJ career gives opportunity to travel a lot worldwide. Name your TOP 5 cities.


I travelled a lot and I see a lot of the world, which is so great because I love exploring our planet:

My top places so far:

• Macchu Picchu in Peru (it is one of the wonders of the world)

Los Angeles : i just love the vibe and the cool people

New York: this one doesn't need explaining :D

• Tulum Mexico : the nature is beyond beautiful

• Every place in Italy : I LOVE Italy, the culture, the food, the nice little streets etc

• Oh and Ibiza OF COURSE ( my second home) :)

DJANETOP: When we can expect for the new releases from you?

MATTN: I'm working on 3 different tracks, so very soon :)

DJANETOP: What plans do you have for the closest future?

MATTN: I love how my DJ career is going and I'm very happy and grateful for every show I can play, so I just can say that I hope I can keep on doing what I'm doing and get bigger and bigger every step of the way !!!


DJANETOP: Thanks again for the interview for DjaneTop.com. We wish you success and love to your amazing family.

MATTN: My pleasure! And thank you!!

Cheers, MATTN