Djanetop AWARDS Ceremony and FESTIVAL

14th and 15th December in China there were two incredible events Djanetop Awards Ceremony and Festival. The events were organized in cooperation with our partners SG Entertainment.

14th December we were hosted by the top club of the city Fuzhou Honey Peach Club, 15th December by H Club city Dongguan.


More than 2000 people visited the event, everything was organized at the highest level, the red carpet and grand ceremony at which we introduced Top 100 best dj girls of the world.


The guests of the ceremony included best djs from different parts of the world:

Maeva Carter(France, Top 9 world)

Da Queen(Ukraine, Top 10 world)

Oriska(France, Top 27 world)

Ola Ras(Ukraine, Top 47 World)

Amely(Malta, Top 50 world)

Sara Santini(Portugal, Top 63 World)

Blanca Ross(Spain, Top 66 World)

Monster(Best Chinese djane, Top 82 world)

Litchi(Russia, Top 86 world)

Lia Lisse(Belarus, Top 85 Europe)

Rachel B(Malaysia, Top 18 Asia)

Bang Boom II(China, Top 31 Asia)

Nicole Chen(Singapore, Top 40 Asia)

The event was attended by more than 20 journalists from the largest Asian media, they interviewed the artists and highlighted these events in Asia.


Thanks everyone who supports our website and next year we're planning new grand festivals Djanetop in Asia.


Thanks a lot to SG Entertainment China for their professionalism and organization of so grand events.