#789 in World
#21 in India
#243 in Asia

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DJane name ZOYA

Country India


ZOYA Biography

As a dj, Zoya is part of a select cut of young artists who are absorbing the legacy and carrying the torch into tomorrow. Her sets are inspired by pure, warehouse-ready rave sounds spanning the '90s till now. She is known for raising the roof with sets that include driving energetic dance tracks which range from edgy industrial, breakbeat, electro, storming warehouse techno, reflective house with occasional garage and drum and bass. Frequently experimenting with genres, both lovers of noisy and raw electronics and sometimes deep, dark, hard and hypnotic groove or even those who go to parties to simply dance will find her equally as enticing.
Her barreling style of techno-house-electro often reaching 135 BPM and above—captures a sense of irreverence. A lover of dirty and fat rythmics, raw and pretty straight forward, ZOYA is a perfect mix between some 90’s killer tracks and some of the finest neo rave music.