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ZANYDEEP Biography

Phumla Mfecane known as ZanyDeep is an artist and DJ ready to face the world. The development of her unique style is a result of a lifetime of musical influences .Growing up surrounded by different forms of music, Her father was an employee at EMI Records , Being a collector of great ballads and jazz records, Her parents exposed her to the world of music as a child ,all which influenced her development. Her first foray into learning how to become a performer came when she started to sing in church at age 6 years old .later she began to sing soprano in junior choir and girls’ choir at school , which she continued with for four years before finally singing lead soprano at age 12 in sextet, a decision which she never looked back from. “ I always wanted to be a professional singer ,as I walked out the stage ,the butterflies I felt made me want to do more” she says , “ The attention I got every time I sang and the encouragement I received from most people helped me pursue this journey” ZanyDeep’s musical journey did not begin in Lethabong a small township out of Rustenburg , However born here and bred in Vosloorus , It was here that she developed her musical tastes and interests ,it wasn’t long after collecting profound house music records , that she really wanted to be part of this world. After realising that making music and being an entertainer was her main goal .She began to showcase her talent in school talent shows and various venues around Lethabong , Rustenburg. As her confidence grew and her style developed ,She started recording with various producers in 2010. Her unique with a twist started to find an appreciative audience when she then enrolled with Music Row school of singing as she saw the need of having a vocal coach. Although her name was continuing to grow in Vosloorus , It was not here that she was destined to become a star , ZanyDeep resided in Tembisa , After picking up a diploma in Imports and Exports , Customs and Excise clearance in 2010 she never managed to leave. Her musical ambitions continued to grow, aided by sounds of soulful house and afro house music that she found around her , in fact her influences are vast, which her CD collection demonstrates. She is keen to point out that everything she listens to direct her musical development is some way. However , She would certainly include, Black Coffee ,Pink , Stephanie Cooke , Lisa Shaw , The Script, Tiesto , Steve Aoki, Eliki, Monique Bingham , Lira , Zano and Sarah Brighman as mostly as her biggest influences . Finally after honing her unique sounds over recent years, She pursued her journey in learning how to be a profound Disc Jockey , The challenges that came with her having to rely on friends for practise sessions Made her to join a member of Djs in Alexandra back in 2013 , at Open House Records , they were the first to teach her how to beat match etc , in 2015 she enrolled with Retro Music Academy mentored and coached by the phenomenal Bart Marley. Her recent opportunity to be an ambassador for Pioneer DJ institute, has encouraged her to keep moving forward. ZanyDeep has taken it upon herself to include other genres as Electro Dance Music as well on her journey and wholly satisfying to continue with her best friend Nthabiseng Nyamane in an organisation bringing back to orphans “ Dames with hearts” and “ At peace and happiness” The satisfaction she gets from indulging in with her many passions has led her to bond with many people she try and help. ZanyDeep’s goal to ensure that her goals are reached , She is a hard working individual willing to go an extra mile as there is no sweet without sweat she says. Keep looking for great tracks from this sensational being, She is aiming to work with many producers, release a soulful house album and grow as one of the best female Djs in South Africa.