#2219 in World
#40 in Japan
#588 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name YUMMY

Country Japan

YUMMY Biography

Yumi has been razed in the nature and had been close to emotional genres such as digital art and spiritual world. Now she is trying to show those influences in a musical way which is house music. Yumi major debut as DJ Yummy and acted in many major festivals including SUMMER SONIC and ULTRA JAPAN. She is still very young but her activity is not only domestic but International. So far she has DJed in Ibiza and all around Asia, and America. You can tell her reputation seeing the fact that she has been ranked the top female DJ on the LOUD magazine several years in a row. Although her creative backbone is underground, she works as an ambassador of many fashion brands and as a music director of a fashion show. She is known as a music teacher and a writer, actress as well. Her radio show on Block.FM “House party” has been running more than 7 years.