#1137 in World
#13 in United Arab Emirates
#34 in Middle East

Djane info

DJane name VLASOVA

Real name Elizabeth

Country United Arab Emirates

VLASOVA Biography

DJ VLASOVA is a Multi Format DJ. She blend the various genres in a mix while playing, else stick to a particular one.
More than 1000+ sucesful parties, club gigs, festivals, corporate and private shows.The performance of
DJ VLASOVA is unforgetable - she knows how to make people dancing and how to entertain them!
VLASOVA based in Dubai, has a successful career and plays gigs all across United Arab Emirates.
Real name is Elizabeth, she was born in Ukraine. She dreamed to be a DJ from the children’s time and work hard the whole life to reach the goal. She has been
working as a DJ since 2019 and has achieved tremendous success in a short time! All because she has a real talent!