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DJane name VHAERA

Country Israel

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VHAERA Biography

A 24 years old, passionate and committed music professional, Vhaera is an Israel-based producer and DJ. Driven by a relentless hunger for the art of sounds, having already made a mark as one of the hottest young female artists in the psy trance scene.

While currently working on a collaboration between Psy Prog, and Nitzhonot (a variant of Trance), Vhaera’s artistic expression is expanding into a written series that synchronizes with every musical track she puts forth. Her recipe of sight, mind and beats hypnotize audiences all over the world, and effortlessly combine to create her own unique creation. She has the ability to touch the soul of the crowd.

Alongside, Vhaera is also inspiring other women through a movement called "Girl Up" to help advance girls' skills, rights, and opportunities so that they can become leaders.

Her upcoming releases prove beyond any doubt that Vhaera has what it takes to hit the top.

the world is merely the canvas on which we draw out the history of our lives. And she's here to make history .