#2807 in World
#2 in Puerto Rico
#353 in North America

Djane info


Real name Vanessa Picart

Country Puerto Rico


When you hear that seductive, sultry unique voice booming over the dance floor, you know it's VButterfly La Mariposa. Her sexy music, high energy DJ sets and powerful performances have packed the underground dance floors in each corner of the globe for over a decade. Whether she's laying down banging tracks as a DJ or performing her own songs, you will feel the musical passion of VButterfly La Mariposa.

This latin beauty was born into a musical family in Puerto Rico, VButterfly La Mariposa a.k.a Vanessa Picart, moved to South Florida at the age of 13 with the island drums and trumpets pulsing through her veins. Her natural talents led her into a dancing career and it was at the legendary dance institutions of New York, Orlando and South Beach where she received the inspiration that led to the transformation of Vanessa Picart to VButterfly La Mariposa, DJ/Artist! ("It was a miracle how music found me and saved me at a point in my life when I most needed it. It was an escape that turned into a passion, a passion that I now realize I share with many people."- VButterfly) And it's her fans who feel that passion when she takes the stage and they see her push harder and further every time to be able to make the night memorable for them and exuberant for herself.

This Butterfly is forever expanding her colors and is always working on new sounds with the amazing help of well known international producers. Her deep, soulful voice will penetrate you in English or Spanish, while her DJ sets will elevate your spirit and soul with her unique blend of beats and fresh original musical selection.