#3159 in World
#2 in Mauritius
#87 in Africa

Djane info

DJane name VANESSA

Real name Vanessa Bancilhon

Country Mauritius

VANESSA Biography

Vanessa is one of the rare djanes on the electronic scene in Mauritius. She recently finished her DJ course & got noticed by local event managers for her explicit taste of techno music. She’s always there when big international acts perform in Mauritius, she featured on some supporting line ups; thus had the chance to see all those djs performing from the DJ booth and this leads to learning lots of things that could help her on the journey. Slowly but surely becoming one of the most appreciated dj on the island.

Playing since November 2017, she was chosen to support all these amazing international acts, such as Khainz, Konrad Black, Maksim Dark, Cristian Craken, Momo Dobrev, Dennis Smile, Khen, Livia Andrei, Kohra, Dimi Mechero, Mogey, Audiojerk, Kim Ann Foxman, Rachel Lynn, Kada, Metodi Hristov, Light Breath, Carbon, Isabela Clerc, Stiv Hey, Mila Dietrich & Guy J. She can easily adapt to any kind of party since she masters lots of styles ; deep & groovy music and also dark or detroit techno, combining analog warmth, massive driving beats & dark vocals. Definetly an act to watch!