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DJane name THALIA

Country Netherlands


THALIA Biography

DJ Thalia launched her career in the nineties, when the upcoming dance scene brought all kinds of music to the dance floor. She learned the ins and outs of mixing by playing vinyl, by adapting to a wide arrange of genres and she eventually found her passion in house music. By combining different elements, she whips up every audience. This artist's style is defined by a melodious, raw deep sound to rough old school sound. She uses atmospheric and industrial elements, combined with rave influences and acid sounds, to follow her passion and take the audience by the hand to explore her unique style. Her sound is described as 'music with a feeling of soul', because of the compelling timbre.

DJ Thalia was born in the Frisian capital of Leeuwarden as Thalia Wijdeveld. From when she was little, this jack-of-all-trade's love for music and dance has been clear. Being from a creative and musical family, performing has always been her second nature. Due to her experience in the club scene she always knows to find the right tone. 'Music is a reflection of my feelings', she says. 'You have to show your own feelings and passions when you are playing your records, the audience will definitely feel that.'

Not just Dutch clubs like Subsonic, Escape, North Sea Venue, Club Panama, Club Hemingway and the Spanish party village of Alicante have been treated to Thalia's unique sound, but also in Asia, in clubs like OXA Beach and BEST BAR, she mesmerizes her audience. As a resident DJ in Club Hemingway she has managed to build her own public by having a sound of her own and of course her amazing smile. Her Technostate Inc. set at the ADE Amsterdam has to be the highlight on her long list of gigs.