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TERR Biography

Terr is the exciting musical project of Daniela Caldellas, the Berlin-based DJ/producer and label owner, who grew up in Brazil’s Belo Horizonte.

Her music experiences come from a long time - after spending her earlier years playing guitar in several punk bands, she decided to learn the basics of computer music to be able to express more complex ideas - “Electronic music allowed me to bring to life the sounds that I had in my mind,” she says. She became a studio addict, investing in analog synths and effects to work on her sonic experiments.

Terr was born in 2016 as her first solo project. Its name stems from the 1970’s film “Fantastic Planet”: Terr is the name of the main human character. The debut release, a three-track EP titled Burn the Past, landed on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings, followed in early 2017 with Misantropicalia — which extended Terr's musical horizons. 2018 saw the release of two solid EP’s on both Permanent Vacation and Correspondant, respectively.

In 2019 Terr began her fruitful partnership with Phantasy Records - “I have always been a fan of the label and of Erol Alkan. I really like the way the label is focused more on the artistic and experimental side of electronic music. That's the kind of label and philosophy that attracts me and makes me want to work on something." Two EPs were released that year: the acclaimed Tale of Devotion and Energy Sync - which was the soundtrack for Moschino’s Fall Winter 2020 Fashion Show. Now Terr makes a triumphant return to Phantasy with a deeply dreamy new single, Wings of Time, complimented by a momentous remix from Tornado Wallace.

Caldellas has set up her own label Clash Lion, alongside Shall Ocin and Daniel Watts. The label broke through instantly with the first release seeing Maetrik’s resurgence in a number of years. Since then the label has seen numerous artists pass through the gates including ANNA, Man Power and many more. In 2018 Caldellas released Dust on Clash Lion with remixes from Curses, Cardopusher and fellow label founder Daniel Watts. Throughout her career, Terr also did a bunch of killer remixes for artists like Tiga on Turbo Records, Rüfüs do Sol on Warner Music, and Ora the Molecule on Mute Records, among others.

At the moment Terr's working on new EPs and an album for 2022 - “I am working on different things at the moment, I think I would be too bored if I had to work on the same style over and over,” she smiles. “I am doing some stuff that’s more "epic" and dance-floor-oriented as well as some romantic breakbeat and reshaped electro. I am really excited with the new stuff.” As for her inspiration, she has a huge myriad of influences: from Grunge to Electroclash through classic Disco, Philip Glass, The Knife, Leonard Cohen, acid house, techno, Brazilian popular music, movies and books - “I believe that ideas are waves of energy flowing through the cosmos and artists are like antennas. I try to keep myself and my senses wide open to welcome them”.