#1936 in World
#15 in Belgium
#596 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name TANTINE

Real name Saar Govaerts

Country Belgium


TANTINE Biography

Dj Tantine is a Belgian based Dj who was born in Rwanda. Growing up in Belgium gave her the opportunity to start her musical education at a young age. Learning about the technical aspect about music and learning how to play flute and guitar made her fall in love with music even more.

Since she loved music and dancing so much, her parents decided to give her dance lessons since the age of 3. She followed ballet classes, modern dance, jazz ballet, hiphop and even breakdance.

Now that she’s all grown up she loves selecting and mixing music to give her audience a great time. She loves it when they vibe to the tunes she’s providing and give them an amazing experience.

Playing at a fashionshow and live on the radio were some of the most amazing experiences she had as a DJ. Recently she also played in The Nederlands and Germany.

She’s looking forward to further her national and international career and give her audience everytime a great time.

You can have her play at your favourite events such at fashionshows, radioshows, clubs, your favourite stores and festivals.