#3047 in World
#87 in Spain
#1018 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name SYLVANA

Real name Sylvia

Country Spain


SYLVANA Biography

Born in Holland in 1981 she moved to spain very young.
Influenced by musical culture of dutch clubs & dj's she was raised up surrounded by music. Her grandpa showed her to play the piano, and as a child never stopped listening to the music her parents were playing, wich made her an 80's & 90's music lover.

At the early age of 9 she got her own turntable and a lot's of vinyls. But unfortunately didn't get any further than "playing" but never forgot her romance with music, mixing with tapes and recording radio programs by herself.

When she started going out her place always was near the dj booth watching, learning, staring for hours...until finally the moment came and she had the chance to make her dream come true.
She made her chance in some Clubs in benidorm and in 2001 she participated in a Dj contest in Ka-ra-Melo (Villena, Alicante) taking the second place. For those times this wasn't bad being a girl. From that moment she played in some famous clubs as Pirámide (Cabanes-Castellón ) Non (Lemoa-Bilbao), Pacha (Torrevieja-Alicante), Pasha (Mojácar-Almería), A1 (Vélez Rubio-Almería), Central, Cátedra..etc.
And got her residence in Jokers (Benidorm- Alicante).

Dj Sylvana also was part of the crew of a remember 90's party called "Va de retro"

A woman that despite of her youngness has got a talent and a musical culture that many people would like to have. Loved in the DJ environment of Murcia, Alicante y Almeria, she has known how to win the respect of all with her professionalism and simpathy.