#2857 in World
#19 in Sweden
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DJane name SVESS

Country Sweden


SVESS Biography

"That powerful moment.....when all that exists is the music and every cell in your body is put into the right place. I live for that!" - S

Svess, aka Sophia went to her first ever psytrance party in 2003 and this was when her love for psytrance began. Never ever had she heard or felt music in this powerful way before. After many years of blissful experiences on dance floors all over the world her desire to learn how to mix had grown very strong.

In early 2014 she started her DJ journey and very quickly become a frequently booked DJ in London and later on the rest of the UK and internationally.

Her style can best be described as groovy, deep and highly energetic, ranging from early morning psychedelic to deeper darker night time moods.
Her sets will take you on a powerful energetic and hypnotic journey filled with the full spectrum of psychedelic emotions.