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DJane name SUZé

Country Germany


SUZé Biography

The name «SUZé» was born in 2006, written on a beer coaster in a bar in southern France.
While living there during her studies, SUZé became an inherent part of the Aix-en-Provence's electronic music scene, her style distinguished by subtle, floating transitions, inviting her audience on musical journeys, full of emotion and energy.

The DJ who calls herself a “late bloomer” has moved quite a lot in her past – just to name a few cities on the list:
Koblenz, Gelsenkirchen, Aix-en-Provence (FR), Long Beach (USA), Cologne.

She left all of these places for a good reason; her current homebase Hamburg that she feels strongly bonded to.

One of her main characteristics is clearly her open-mindedness and it’s obvious that she constantly needs change or new impulses in her life. This is where music plays a very important role as her longtime companion.

„Electronic music is way more than just a passtime to me. It is my «loyal swan».
It feels like freedom and a foothold at the same time, giving me drive, inspiration and goose bumps...“

Influenced by the French culture, the laid back Californian way of life, and her German roots, SUZé definitely has a broad repertoire of musical influences to bring to the table. Her preferred genre is deep house, tech and minimal.