#2000 in World
#25 in South Africa
#46 in Africa

Djane info


Real name Stephy Longueira

Country South Africa


Stephy Longueira’s love and passion for Electronic Music began in her teenage years. Although she has just broken into the music scene as a DJ as of 2021, she has been involved in numerous renown festivals and events over the years in a professional capacity. Stephy decided to follow her heart and try her hand at a true passion point of hers, by teaching herself how to mix at the end of December 2020. She describes herself as having a no-fear attitude and jumped at every opportunity to put herself out there and play as much as she could to gain experience as quickly as possible. She secured residencies at Grand Pavilion, Tiger’s Milk and BlackBrick in 2021 in Cape Town, South Africa and has played a number gigs, house parties and private events since the beginning of 2021. She secured her first festival booking, Bloom Festival, in September 2021 where she returned to her home city of Johannesburg for the first time since starting her DJ career. She is currently a resident at the renown Cabo Beach Club in Cape Town, where she is also the Marketing Manager by day. Stephy has an intense love for playing the latest House and Techno beats and her sound ranges from Deep House, to Afro House, Progressive House and Melodic House & Techno. She enjoys reading the crowd at each of her gigs and adapting her sound as much as possible depending on the event/venue/crowd. She enjoys being versatile and incorporating sounds across genres, including Funky House, Tech House, NuDisco to Downtempo, Organic House or even Progressive and Harder Techno, where appropriate. She’s just getting started and we can’t wait to see her soar to new heights as she follows her passion for music.