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Djane info

DJane name STARLA

Real name Carla Hopkins

Country United States


STARLA Biography

Hi there! My name is Carla Hopkins, I was born in riverside Cali and grew up in little old Olympia Washington. Always loved music. To this day I remember my mom playing MTV party to go and my dad really loved dance music as well, he would set up garage raves with co2 and everything, we always got down to some trance. Starting from about middle school I always was on limewire with the hottest new tracks (hip hop mostly) and would bring the cds to school and would give them to my friends. I always paid attention to what was hot or new. I was introduced to trap & dubstep in 2015 then last but not least basshouse. It wasn’t til November 2016 that I was handed the first mini dj controller and realized this was right up my alley. Later that December I was gifted a Traktor s2 by my boyfriend, the man that taught me everything I know today in the djing world. I have since played as a resident at The Society in Olympia Washington and have played multiple USC EVENTS bookings supporting larger known dj/producers.