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#12 in Portugal
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Djane info


Real name Sol Miranda

Country Portugal



I am from the beautiful Porto in Portugal

I've always been in love with electronic music from an early age, I spent hours watching music channels and when I was a teenager, I liked to go to the clubs for watching the DJ's work all night long.

First time that I played in a club was in 2005 in Algarve, Portugal at Bar42, it was through a DJ friend that i got it. After that moment, I was creating my own contacts, and I started to have some gigs. During 2006 I was a resident DJ at Bar D'Agudela in Porto. In 2007 I was an exclusive DJ at Angra Music, where I had the opportunity to act in different clubs in Portugal.
I also performed at one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Portugal in 2022, RFM SOMNI
At the end of the same year, I moved to France and had to give up music. It was something that caused me pain during these years.
Being on the decks, sharing good music with the crowd and feeling that they are enjoying, it is something that makes me completely happy.
Now I'm back, and I couldn't be happier. I am so grateful to the wonderful people who are allowing me to make this happen.