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Floriana B. Capriati and Ilenia R. Capriati (aka Sisters Cap), are two sisters djs born in Puglia, Italy. Since they were kids show a deep interest in jazz music, a great passion handed down from father, that was a collector of CD and vinyls. Growing up, working into art and theater's world, they create a musical project – in Tuscany – that's became a radio program aimed at DJs, producers and record labels.Over the years their sound has passed for Electronic Dance Musicthen embracing also house and pop-dance influences bringing them to perform in the following clubs, festivals and events such as :

Piramide Cocoricò (Riccione), Papaya (Croatia), Mojito Beach (Rimini), Beach Club (Versilia), Drop Club (Lucca) with Merk & Kremont and Gregor Salto, Lidò Le Panteraie (Montecatini Terme) with Djs From Mars, Florida Beach Club (Argentario) with Milling Pot, Pappafico with Jack Mazzoni (Pisa), Shire Music Festival (Cremona) with Marnik, Rivaz e Geo From Hell, Opera Music Festival with R3hab e Jay Hardway, Wild (Lucca) with gli Eiffel 65, Countdown (Livorno) with Luca Agnelli, Ilario Alicante e Ralf, Seven Apples (Versilia), Momà (Aosta), Bussola (Versilia), Acquarius (Livorno), Vibe (Roma), Energy (Livorno), Juwel (Bolzano), New Line (Grosseto), B&B (Pisa), Tinì (Cecina), Mood Club (Firenze), Reverse (Pisa), Clover Club (Sondrio), Lumiere (Pisa), Nirvana Soleluna (Pavia), Oltrecafè (Modena), Baronette (Versilia), Sio Cafè (Milano), La Zattera Disco Club (Livorno), Montego Bay (Pisa), Festival della Birra (Lucca), La Playa (Matera), Sea Light (Lipari), La Playa (Livorno), Full Up (Firenze), Il Principe (Arezzo), Hexen (Canazei), Jux Tap (Genova), Nai'r (Pisa), Deep Club (Pavia), Kuku (Lucca), Turmalin (Lipari), Tartana (Grosseto), Boat Party (Pisa), La Rocca (Arona), Holidance Music Festival, Freedom (Pisa), Demodè Club (Bari), Fashion Disco (Aosta) Akua Keta (Pisa), Papillon 78 (Siena), Vibe (Pisa), Centouno Music Club (Siena), Camillo Disco Club (Pavia), Seven Apples (Versilia), Essaouira (Savona), Avila (Piacenza), Caramelle Summer Disco (Pavia), Holi Peace Color Festival (Italy) and much more.


• "Hey Oh" OUT ON Saifam Music (Italy)
• "Shake" OUT ON Complex Drop Records (division of Digital Empire Records) (Peru), ranking 31st in the Top 100 beatport (Hip Hop / Trap), reconfirming for several weeks.
• "Overtake" OUT ON Pyro Records (Germany)
• Kepler OUT ON Crystalized Records (Scotland)
• Summertime Love OUT ON Wikolia Music (Spain), ranking at 41st position on the Top 100 iTunes Italia (Dance Music)


By now their 8th season of the Sisters Cap Radio Show, ON AIR every Friday night at 23.00 on Radio Incontri (FM: 88.400 92.800 STREAMING: www.radioincontri.org) hosted national and national artists uch as Djs From Mars, Gregor Salto, Federico Scavo, Stefano Pain, Jack Mazzoni, Nick Corline, Alex Kenji, Madwill & Dejano, Luca Head, Boostedkids