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#330 in United States
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DJane name SILLY SYL

Country United States

SILLY SYL Biography

Sylvia “Silly Syl” Parol has been a huge fan of music from a young age. Each stage of her life found her diving into a new genre and subculture. Chronologically, she embraced 90s bubblegum pop, Warped Tour alternative rock, 70s-era British punk, indie summertime jam-bands, and new-school hip-hop (not to mention the solid gold oldies of the 60s that her mom loved to blast in the house). Over the past few years, she has been fascinated with the electronic dance music community, specifically ambient, progressive, future, and trap artists.

It wasn’t until she was in college that she realized that most people didn’t tear through music as quickly as she did. Her constant curiosity and need to discover the newest underground artist filled her with knowledge and opinions about musical trends and artist growth/development.

In the past year, she decided to be more than just a listener and make a career in music. She hosted two radio shows on her college radio station, started writing for a music blog, and taught herself how to DJ. While she started out as a bedroom DJ, posting themed mixes on her Soundcloud profile, she began to make a name for herself as a live DJ on her college campus, and now in the Boston nightlife scene.