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Country United Kingdom



Siana Catherine born in 1993 is one of the youngest DJs in the country who is quickly gaining fame & playing for packed venues. Over the course of the past few months – Siana has grown phenomenally in the industry due to her genre blending capacity & interacting with her audience during her concerts.

She's trained in special effects as a producer/DJ and includes hip hop & Trap freestyling into her sets. Her attention to details combined with her unique ability to mash up & remixes of different genres during her sets has made her a mainstay in the dance music industry and slowly a brand model performing for the biggest brands around the world. FTV CROWN (LUXURY ESCAPE), H&M, JACK AND JONES, KINGFISHER, BMW, ALSO FEATURED IN KINGFISHER INTERNATIONAL TV COMMERCIAL.Siana has grown up in a diverse & rich culture making her one of the most forward thinking artist in the country.

She runs a podcast called PowerMix, which broadcasts in 18 different countries. From being virtually unknown, she has captured to touring worldwide. she's spent a few sleepless years aiding her rise to the top. her attention to detail combined with her dedication to music has made her a fixture in the EDM and Trap world.