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#82 in Italy
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Country Italy



Shihunova is a multi cultural record producer & DJ, her Persian & Italian heritage is ever-present in her music creating the deeply ancestral and meditation evoking sounds unique to her.
Her Debut EP "Cosmos & Rocks" was featured in numerous editorials for critically acclaimed fashion magazines, including her single "Maia" on Vogue Arabia's November 2020 Issue with Bulgari. Her second single "Iris" featured in Man in Town's Fallen Angel Editorial in the summer of 2020, and in Spaghetti Magazine's Editorial with Miss Italia 2015's Alice Sabatini in July of 2021.
She also produced her distinctive sounds for L'Officiel Italia's well known September Issue in 2020.
She is known in her current city of Rome, Italy for her characteristic audiovisual live sets with notable local choreographers at significant venues such as Spazio 900, and, for her unique ways of mixing multi ethnic cultures in her distinguishing DJ sets evoking ancestral sounds and rhythms.