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Country South Africa


Introducing international DJ, Sharm Pillay. South Africa's only chocolate girl, Techno artist. Her DJ journey evolved unwittingly in April 2014, with lightning speed, little warning, and a steep learning curve in toe. Nothing like a little pressure. She showed up, did the hard yards, and honed her art whilst performing live in South Africa, Thailand, Fiji. In Australia, she’s shared the decks with an international act, local DJs and played at mini-festivals and numerous well-known venues. All the while holding longstanding online global radio residencies for the last 9 years.

Earnest about her craft, yet modest about the innate talent she shares with the dance community, Sharm brings her unique energy to every dancefloor. Here’s a naturally talented DJ with a rare perspective on electronic dance music and unadulterated love for Seksi, filthy basslines. Her journey demanded she intuitively follows her heart, taking heed to that persistent, enthusiastic feeling when tuned in. Music-encoded DNA runs deeply through her familial lines. Not only were her parents musically inclined but her paternal grandfather was South Africa’s first Hindu Drum (Thabla) gold medalist in 1927, which turned out to be her life’s integral cornerstone.

Creatively, here’s an artist who’s doing it differently, walking to the beat of her own drums. Sharm is a passionate artist who’s experienced several genres through the years that set a solid foundation for a musically trained ear. Ingrained with frequencies that flowed through RnB, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Blues makes her a rare and versatile DJ. Though, Techno is her first true love…..but ssssshhhhhhhh. Her enthusiasm has everything to do with “music that gets her soul dancing” and raising the vibration of those who connect with her energy from Techno, Tech House, Progressive, Leftfield House & Techno, Deep House, House, Funky House and Open Format tunes.

Sharm’s purpose and legacy for the future are to inspire and entertain whilst fulfilling her earthly mission. Elevating our planet’s vibration, activating intuitive hearts, and anchoring Spirit into our 3D experience. channeled through her and the music she plays. SEKSiCuLLTURE, her DJ brand is the chariot for change. Essentially, it’s a spiritual thing. The 5D truth? FIRST WE SENSE IT - THEN WE FEEL IT.