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DJane name SHARKRA

Real name Shar Garriock

Country New Zealand

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SHARKRA Biography

Miss Eclectic SHARKRA, melodic by nature, is on a mission to bend and blend musical boundaries. Sharkra’s driving force behind becoming a DJ was the quest to create peace in the chaos behind her ears. Determination drives her to be genre defying... It is this determination that made her seek out the knowledge required to spin some magic; and three days before her first gig, cemented her skills in place. She was ready. Was the world?

The Dance-floors at Ignition Festival 2019 seemed to think so. From this connection to the music, her fuse was lit and it was down the rabbit hole she went. Ticking off dreams one by one, Sharkra has been fortunate enough to play some of Aotearoa’s top festivals, including Splore, AUM, Dimension and Shipwrecked. She’s also played at events throughout Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and South America. Joining one of the worlds best psychedelic record labels, DoubSquare Records, based in the UK, in late 2022. She takes immense joy in the opportunities, as well as meeting all the unique souls among her travels.

She uses every new meeting as a life lesson and takes every opportunity to learn how those in our industry conduct themselves and how these likeminded humans do their thing. Sharkra doesn’t just play music, she influences peoples perspective on genres. She helps the resistant few, who dislike particular genres, fall in love on the dance floor. She shares pulsating melodies to the masses and converts the non-believers. Let your own judgement come from witnessing her all inclusive and earthshaking music.

Sharkra’s sound is big, eclectic and her soul pours through the speakers. She has made herself a force to be reckoned with behind the decks; while also helping to create the dance floors that are shaping Aotearoa’s golden era of electronica. However, it is her steadfast ethos that will carry her a long way and keep her behind the decks where she belongs.