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SASHA HART Biography

DJ Sasha Hart is an international music artist with over five years of nightclub industry experience as a DJ who is known for her intoxicating mixing flow.
Sasha Hart doubles life as a fashion blogger by day, but by night she is a party starter! DJ Sasha Hart has a unique perspective to music, seamlessly blending genres to create a feel-good experience. Having moved to New York City from Moscow, she got the best of both music scenes in one refined mix that the crowd enjoys.

Sasha's music talent and ability to read the crowd continue to make her highly sought after for nightclubs and fashion shows in addition to celebrity events. Her experience includes corporate events for Google, Porsche and HSBC, Celebrity Events for Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, and Victoria's Secret models to name a few.

Stage presence, music selection and beauty are her weapons of choice. Her non-stop energy and serious mixing "chops" make for a very potent combination. Sasha's high level of energy onstage is mirrored by her event guests which feel compelled to move with her beats.
Now, having mastered the art of DJing Sasha is working on producing her own music and performing everywhere people want to turn up! She is also co-writing a book that spotlights how to get started as a DJ. Sasha is hoping to inspire more women to reach for their dreams and give them a valuable advice to do it in an efficient manner.