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Real name Sandy Love

Country Spain


SANDY LOVE Biography

Born in Madrid , Dj Sandy Love is Djane - Producer , Vocal artist , Tv and Radio Host .

She´s been playing around the world in more than 80 countries in Events, Festivals , Club Residencies for more than 25 year .

Grew up with the sound “Techno-pop, acid house, EBM, House, funky and Rap.” All these sounds are the basis of her electronic musical culture, which she used to fuse in her sets. Currently those Retro and avant-garde touches can be denoted in her sessions and musical mergers, making her sets something different, fun with totally innovative music, either: “ Deep House, Electro House or Tech-House, Tribal House , Psytrance and Techno and Techo-Trap … Sets and Productions “ .

Ibiza : Privilege - Supermartxe world tour , France : Festival de Cannes : Madrid : Miss Universe Barcelona : Apolo GOLDDANCE , Miss Mallorca : Farah´s , Menorca : El Grill , Monaco : Mics, Paris : Pavillion Versailles , Israel: Clara , Fuerteventura : Festival KIte & Surf ...... )

In her productions She´s been GHOST PRODUCER , For various artists ( TECHNO , TECH HOUSE , DEEP HOUSE ) .

And her special project Music Therapy , f her project started 10 years ago when she started the project with ” Frequencies and the brain effects , music therapy , producing music for films , video games and fashion shows .

She is an analyst of music business and music psychologist, Studies in Music Piano , Solfege , electronic music ableton live , reason and protools .

She is a concept creator, entrepreneur, creative, always collaborating for social causes ,as ambassador and collaborator of social projects with Peace one day , Alzheimer Day with MADM Association ,Last Night a dj saved my Life .

She is a brain-heart DJane .

Presenter and Director of the Culture Clubbing tv Program for more than 15 years on Radio and Television

Resident Djane in SUPERMARTXE World Tour Ibiza , @Golddance Festival , @Unitedvirtualevents , @Worlvirtualdeejays , @Girlsatthedecks @Danseragency @musicforfashionexperiences