#544 in World
#7 in Thailand
#124 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name SANA

Real name Vassana sangmeli

Country Thailand

SANA Biography

Sana has always found herself involved with music in one way or another. Started out as a professional singer and dancer she soon developed love and passion in DJing, where she's been polishing her craft since 2017. Sana's energetic performance becomes her trademark and this has been proven by becoming one
She has never failed in delivering the party enthusiasts with her powerful set that makes everyone anticipate her performance. Her charming appeal and friendliness personality on stage and off stage has won many follower’s hearts as a symbol that is irreplaceable by others.

she often finds herself touring around Thailand Malaysia and neighboring countries which requires her to mingle around with different cultures and blend in her explosive edm hard dance set that she has mastered to melt them into her own brand of deep, funky bass line drive
and melodically infused rhythms. Sana has played for many reputable brands, club events, and corporate events.