#1789 in World
#35 in Malaysia
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DJane name ROWENA

Country Malaysia


ROWENA Biography

DJ Rowena is born and raised in a Southeast Asian country Malaysia. Music has always been an indispensable part of her life. However, she was inspired to be a DJ when she went to her first rave party in her life and realised that music has the magical power to unite people from all around the world. Therefore, she is determined in pursuing her music dream as a DJ and taking it seriously as a career after finishing university.
DJ Rowena never limits her music style, she plays music from soulful R&B to banging festivals anthems. Music is a very influential substance of our daily life as it can be used as a tool to express our emotions.
DJ Rowena has performing experience as resident DJ and guest DJ, throughout various performances she has developed her skills in mixing and mash-ups. She has been performing in many significant events and places. She took up residency of Cloud 9 and Genting Club in 2016, Reggae Bar and TRAK at TREC which is a top clubbing hotspot in Kuala Lumpur.