#1816 in World
#65 in Netherlands
#626 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name RO-ZEN

Country Netherlands


RO-ZEN Biography

The two sisters Renee and Robin have the dream or better said have made it their goal to be in the line up with “the big boys`’
The love for music came early for both. Robin was seven and Renee was twelve the first time they shared the stage together.
Growing up the sisters chose their own pad what led to the dance academy for Renee and a music study for Robin. After both getting their college degree the focus for Renee was on her singing career and Robin started producing music and Dj-ing.
It only made sense to share the stage again and the Pop-House duo RO-ZEN was created for the world to see and hear.
From the moment that RO-ZEN became a fact the sisters have convinced people in The Netherlands and Europe of their music skills. They are now on their way to let the rest of the world meet the blond sister duo RO-ZEN
The combination of the powerful live vocals of Renee and the uplifting beats of Robin make RO-ZEN a great addition to every line up.
“Raise your hands, close your eyes, be happy and let our music take control”