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Princess Duvalli is the alias of the talented DJ, Duygu Desovali. Duvalli was born in Brussels as part of a musician family. She decided to follow the passion she inherited from the family and attended music Academy Brussels, to become a musician. She also took separate classes in piano and musical history. After graduating successfully, she started her career as a DJ at various Concerts, Events and Clubs around the world. She’s been part of different events, concerts and parties at various locations as a DJ since then.
As part of her character she likes to hount her dreams and pursue results of everything she sets up. She loves to dance and meet new people and cultures. She is well known for her charming behavior on stage. Her devotion to music made it her first goal to share that love with her audience. Duvalli has always been devoted to Deep House, Electro House, Trance, Lounge music and commercial songs and been pursing that passion for long time. She make also her own compositions.
Never ask Duvalli what she’s going to play prior to a set, she doesn’t know, and always lets the crowd inspire the moment…