#3501 in World
#127 in Germany
#1158 in Europe

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Real name Stefanie Freiberg

Country Germany



PricllaLay is an extraordinary QUEEN who is musically crazy. ​
Crazy games have become a profession. Anyone who has experienced PricillaLay will confirm it: joy moves the dance floor! Once PricllaLay has grabbed you, there is no escape. ​ ​
I am the "DJane with passion" ... and you can not only hear that in my work, but also see it. At the age of 12 I bought my first system suitable for parties. Then I hung up at school. Since then I've been DJing regularly for a wide variety of occasions. Initially with MC (cassette) and vinyl (record), later with CD and now almost exclusively digitally on the computer. Then came Berlin. The star of the artist quickly rose to astronomical heights in the German capital.

Pricilla Lay has been one of the most successful and popular DJs and organizers in Germany for years. your events? LEGENDARY!!! Your party series “QUEERBOOT” celebrated its 12th birthday in August 2017. Pricilla Lay is an extremely successful pop DJ and plays in the hottest clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nationwide, Pricilla caused a sensation, especially with her ratings hits such as “FrauenSwap” or “rent, buy, live”. Pricilla Lay provides great party fun countless times at the CSD in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna.