#759 in World
#21 in India
#232 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name PREET-E!

Real name Preeti Raghuwanshi

Country India


PREET-E! Biography

PREETI RAGHUWANSHI, known by her Stage Name DJ PREET-E!, is a Hyderabad based Disc Jockey. DJ Preet-E! started her career as a DJ in 2017 after making a name for herself as a successful RJ and also a celebrated EMCEE. An Ardent Music lover since her childhood, she always wanted to entertain people with her choice of music and was always closely connected to the console over the years as an RJ. Always fascinated with the idea of making people groove to her choice of music, she set out to become a DJ after learning the art from Seasoned Professionals. She has a natural ability of selecting and mixing the best chartbusters while maintaining the Vibe and High Energy in the Event to keep her audience hooked.