#211 in World
#4 in Thailand
#35 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name PIXZY

Country Thailand

PIXZY Biography

Pixzy started with musical passion and interest in music festivals. She gained a lot of fame in this generation due to her being the first DJ in Thailand DJing bass music. Her trademark, the blue twintail character is always connected to her unique style of melody. Her beats have been heard by many as she is a resident DJ in the top clubs of Thailand such as Onyx (no.71 in the world), Spaceplus Bangkok and Babyface Superclub Since 2017 Pixzy has been invited to play warm up sets for a lot of internationally famous DJs as well as to performances at many famous festivals such as NEON Countdown, Songkran Zonic, Siam Songkran, Fullmoon Live in Bangkok, White Castle, The Green world etc. Actually Pixzy,as a DJ, is capable of mesmerizing anyone with the feelings conveyed through her sets and her performances. She is a professional but charming person as she always thinks about her fans. She is always kind and loves to communicate with people, which underlines her down to earth personality and a great connection to her fanbase. Pixzy will definitely never let you down.