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DJane name PAULA M

Real name Paula Moreira

Country Portugal


PAULA M Biography

Paula Moreira
Paula M, born in Portugal in 1976.
I've always loved techno and at age 20, my favorite Dj's were Zé MigL, A.Paul, Jesus del Campo, and Jeff Mills.
I had never thought about being a DJ in my life.
In May 2020, I installed an App on my phone to produce Techno tracks.
What started as a joke, I quickly enjoy to do it and started sharing it on my Facebook page.
At my birthday in July, some friends who only knew me online offered me a controller.
I started trying to learn with the help of videos on Youtube and some tips from some DJ friends.
In November I created my own Facebook group, 'Portugal Techno Followers'.
In December I was invited as a DJ by Techno Connection UK, where I was a Resident Dj, with a weekly show for 5 months.
I'm also a resident DJ at Radio The Session Worldwide USA, and Guest at Radio Loops Turkey.
I've also been on radio Blitz in Russia, on Divan Show do Brasil, on Rádio Fnoob twice, on Tanira Recordings, Bataklank, Youmix radio, and
at Electrowebradio, among others...
I'm loving this musical adventure of mine, and I try every day to learn and evolve a little more.
By the way, my thanks to all those who follow me, help me, and those who like to listen to my sets.