#1375 in World
#160 in Brazil
#227 in South America

Djane info

DJane name PAOLLA B

Country Brazil

PAOLLA B Biography

PaoLLa B believes in sounds that inspire feelings. Feel the music through the heart and the soul; that's how your sets are drawn. In the electronic scene 3 years ago, she has already played on the most conceptual labels like Warung, Privil├Ęge, Prisma Techno, Dosh, Sunset Festival, Vitoria Music Festival and Fresh, and in States like Bahia, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

Art in Motion, D-Nox, Eli Iwasa, Flow & Zeo, Gui Boratto, Leo Janeiro, Mandraks, TouchTalk, Sharam and so many other Djs and producers recognized in the national and international context have already shared the pick ups with the young Dj.

Authenticity is definitely your greatest characteristic; not only for her unique style but, above all, for her absolute devotion to music. Her sound is always reliable; quality and a good taste that few people carry. There's no denying: in what we can say about Techno, PaoLLa B has the power to radiate love and joy on the dance floor.