#3174 in World
#299 in Brazil
#440 in South America

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Country Brazil



Pandora Plur is a DJ and music producer who stands out in the psytrance scene, providing a unique and magical experience to her listeners. With almost eight years of career, she has gained recognition as one of the TOP 100 best female DJs in Brazil, currently occupying 78th place on the Djane Mag Brasil list.

Its success is also reflected on digital platforms, where it reached 1.5 million plays and more than 600 thousand streams on Spotify in 2023. Its musical approach is distinct, centered on storytelling through music, inspired by themes such as urban legends, mystical figures , folklore and horror classics in books and films.

Pandora Plur's sonic identity is characterized by the balance between a mysterious, enigmatic and dark musicality, while at the same time being exultant and resplendent. This duality creates a unique experience for its listeners, combining intriguing elements with a sense of celebration.

Its influences are clearly inspired by the remarkable productions of Tim Burton, known as the creator of the "subtle art of horror", breaking logical expectations and presenting visually impactful narratives. This influence is reflected in Pandora Plur's approach, creating a musical environment that transcends the conventional.

Standing out as one of the promises of national female psytrance, Pandora Plur achieved releases in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy and Brazil. Furthermore, she made history by being the first female psytrance project to join the renowned Italian label Astralica Records. His stream hits, such as "Wednesday Addams", "Azkaban", "Vecna", "Família Addams", "Lobisomem" and "Urutau", demonstrate the growing popularity and impact of his music.

With just three years of music production, Pandora Plur has already left a significant mark on the psytrance scene, promising to continue delighting audiences with its unique approach and captivating musical narratives.