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PAE DOBLES Biography

From humble beginnings, with Manic Nightnings Productions, Pampanga based DJ, Pae Dobles, exploded onto the scene. She left a mark on all of the people listening to her because of her love and passion for music. With a growing fan base, due to her bubbly persona, Pae has quickly become one of the fast rising DJs in the Philippines.

She's well known by her signature title, "It's Pae Day", where numerous clubs and bars consistently fall in love with her diverse sound and covet every pay day. Pae performed in major festivals all over the country such as, Castaway Kadayawan, Carte Blanche 2014, Tigtigan Terakan Keng Dalan, Hydro Splashmob Party & more. 

Among others, not to mention her biggest break last 2016, The Chainsmokers Bar Tour - Davao leg. She's also the new addition to the talents of Sikat Entertainment and No Ego PH. As an ambassador of Colourette Cosmetics, she empowers modern day filipino women to embrace their inner beauty, talents, & skin.