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Chelsea Lugosi (aka “Oprrator” while DJing) found a home in the underground music scene at age 14 and fell in love with the music, the people, and the opportunities for creative expression and expansion, thus she decided to create a career out of it. As a fire performer and dancer, she spent 8 years leading multiple pyrotechnic/fire performance troupes all around the west coast and performing independently (and even appeared on ‘America’s Got Talent’) from warehouses in the underground to festival circuits and just about everywhere in between. Coming from a very musically inclined and artistically supportive family and experiencing life on the road touring with her father (a professional jazz/blues bassist still doing international tours to this day) it comes to no surprise that music flows through her veins. When she is DJing, her goal is to take the audience on a journey that makes them ideally feeling like they are lost and home at the same time, nostalgic, renewed, sexy, badass, maybe even like they took some mild hallucinogens, and definitely sweaty from dancing so hard. The Oprrator is ready to connect you now, and you don’t have to dial a thing.