#2825 in World
#13 in Switzerland
#952 in Europe

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DJane name ONYXA

Country Switzerland


ONYXA Biography

Young, my parents made me discover music through piano. An instrument that accompanied me for almost 15 years and for which I found my love for music.

Certainly the piano made me enter the world of music but my African origins have determined my influences. Indeed, having bathed in young Cape Verdean music and Guinea (country where my parents are from) I could never forget those sounds that could refer as exotic in Europe.

It is therefore natural that I became a DJ for Afro House, Afro Beat, Dancehall and as well as Hip Hop & Afro House Parties.
My first foray into the world of DJing was done in 2001, and since then I nicknamed me Dj Onyxa (pronouced Onycha)

I started my career and made my first step in many clubs, bars and events in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne (Switzerland) such as:
Loft Club, Amnesia Club Cult Club, Vinyl Club, D3 Club, Big bathroom Montbenon, Mombasa Music Bar, Karma Bar, Leonardo Bar, Loft Cafe/Club and in others cities as Silver Club, L & B Club, Black Cat (Geneva), Déjà-Vu (Geneva), The Circle Bar (France), music Festival and other outdoors events in Switzerland.

I also did warm up for Marcia Warren, Mariza & Sean Paul, Lord Kossity...