#2824 in World
#73 in Italy
#951 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name OLLY ESSE

Country Italy

OLLY ESSE Biography

Having performed all across the globe and crushing the competition, Olly Esse has earned the honour of being one of the most eminent female DJs in Italy. Olly has been deejaying for the past ten years and she feels humbled to have performed among the greats.

She got the opportunity to open before Nari Milani and Cristiano at VIP disco. She has also performed with several other artists like Bob Sinclair, Robin Schultz, Vinai, Coccoluto, Ralf, Paul Thomas, Soda, Futuristic Polar bears, Lost Stories, Zaeden, Kerano, Sartek, Anish Sood, Sound Avtar, Progressive Brothers and NDS to name a few.

And she feels extremely honoured to have gotten the chance.
Sunburn Festival, Sound Nation- Nepal, Sunrise Festival, Sunrise Festival- Poland, Supersonic-India, Sounds of Sunset- India and Wet Republic- Muscat are among the popular festivals where Olly has played. Retrospective Entertainment Club, Baia Imperiale, Sky Garden- Bali, Indonesia, Pineta Luxury Hall, Playboy Club- Hyderabad, Blue Frog are some of the highly popular venues where Olly has mesmerised people with her music.

She has recently collaborated with her peers from Koost project to unravel the creativity. Olly Esse- Welcome to India, Olly Esse Vs Koost Project- Mumbai, Olly Esse Vs Koost Project- Oh Well!!, Olly Esse- God’s Love and Olly Esse- Dirty whistle are some of the recent releases of Olly from her collaboration with Koost Project. Since the release, she has received a positive reaction from the fans across the globe. Though there are few more collaborative music projects yet to be released but she has plans to release an EP in the not so distant future.

Having performed with the greats and in most popular venues, Olly Esse has established as a rapidly emerging global sensation. To see her play the tracks in front of the crowd live is amazing to witness. Poland, Indonesia, Muscat, Dubai, Qatar, India, Nepal and Italy are few countries where she has performed.

With the success of her music, she is considered among the most anticipated upcoming music artists. Her music has also earned her quite fame in India and she boasts a huge fan base in the country.