#1801 in World
#45 in Italy
#620 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name NORA BEE

Country Italy


NORA BEE Biography

The love story between Norabee and music started when she was really young
At the age of 5 years old she started to study Classic and Jazz music and to play Piano. In the following years her music path has been deeply influenced by House music and Disco/funk which today characterize her style and her music selections and productions.
Milan based, Norabee has a very eclectic personality, she loves to surprise her audience during her sets always combining Tech house music with Disco and deep melodic contaminations, creating every time different atmospheres and engaging people.
Today she is one of the most appreciated Djanes in Milan, she has played in many important Clubs around Milan and for many important Fashion, Design and Luxury Brands, expecially during two topic moments in Milan, like Fashion week and Design Week.
Since 2016, she is member and founder of AFJS milanese crew, a crew of DJS and live performers that connects electronic music with many different live instruments (such as electric violin, sax, hang, drums, electric guitar).