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DJane name NISSY

Real name Denise Roestel

Country Germany


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NISSY True Music Love POWER !!!
I was born 1991 in Berlin and learned to love the city and its culture! Since 3 years diligently practicing hang up. And podcast and gigs I play September 2018 .. and already 8 years of experience in Berlin's party scene ... by hanging up I can now finally feel all my love of music ... On many great sets and parties together with all who feel it ...

In the following I would like to briefly tell a little more about myself and my goals, how to put on my style and how I finally found it. I owe this to your feedback and my time, to take care of myself and to reflect on myself, this has brought me back to old thoughts. So I remembered how my attitude towards electronic dance music was first to put on this idea, I had about 6 years ago, but it took me awhile to want to become a DJ of the very heart, now I practice 2 years and know even now, as I really want to hang up. I am very grateful for all the experiences that I have been able to make until this day, because only these made it possible for me to finally play my very own style. Next, I will dedicate myself to the event again, which is true is always my passion, but now I will give you, briefly a glimpse, in my previous musical experience. It all started very early, my mom says that I already sang, where I could not speak yet (hum). From where I was then a toddler I can memorize any lyrics, of the songs I liked, so this was my passion and also to my therapy, because with singing, everything can be done well and control the body feeling better. At age 11, I was at my first casting, this was on Star Search on Sat.1. "But I was too shy and sang so softly that I was barely heard." At 12, I discovered my new passion. It was Hip Hop, and that was between the ages of 12 and 15. I danced in 2 different hip-hop dance classes, which greatly improved my tact (which I can count beats for). It followed at the end of 15, that I met a boy from the German rap scene. Until the age of 19, I was now working as a German rapper, with the name Lady D. doing well. I had already rapped there, on electro party rap beats, this also mainly. Oh and celebrate I go sometimes more, sometimes less I'm 14 and I've also always found the electronic beats best. But like you can tell, always something from all genres of music. When I was 20 years old, my father started to work for Dj and developed the interest to work at parties and to become the organizer as the party scene is getting more and more depressed and in general I see so much more potential, so I have also all documentations found to me, about party and music. So I'm taking 21st, all the experiences I get to get closer and closer to my goals, whether bartender, promoter, and the First Attempts to Organize or Support, from my dad's 2 Dj students. As far as Dj, where I am finally able to finally arrive and share all my passion with you, I wish you now, a lot of fun, listening and discovering, my world of electronic dance music. Which connects all my favorite styles, with each other.