#2090 in World
#41 in Russia
#693 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name NELLI

Country Russia


NELLI Biography

Nelli - a young artist who started her career quite recently, at the beginning of 2020.
Her early love for electronic music led to her becoming an aspiring music producer!
Hard studio work has borne fruit in the form of debut releases that were released on Nein Records, Tech Warriors and 3000 Grad Records, which even before the official release became hits and received support from the most iconic DJs.
Simultaneously with writing tracks, Nelli hones his DJ skills at the best and most inaccessible venues of club Moscow and confidently performs at Private 25, Kvartira, Mendeleev bar, Community Moscow, Mason St. One, as well as at private events for a refined audience.
Combining all the best qualities, this artist expresses great hopes for success.